Halloween Safety for your Pets

Halloween can be a festive and fun time for children and families. But for pets? Let’s face it, it can be a nightmare for some of our furry friends. Forgo the stress and dangers this year by following these 10 easy tips:   Trick-or-treat candies…


Pets in Hot Cars

It’s summer and the temperatures are rising! What does this mean for traveling with your pets in a car? Take a look at this helpful video and please, don’t leave your pets in your car during these hot days! Read More


Getting a Tick Off Your Dog

With the arrival or warmer weather in Vermont, it's time to be vigilant about checking your dog for ticks! Ticks can transmit infections to their host within 24-48 hours, so checking your dog for ticks should be done promptly after their time outdoors.   First,... 0

Welcome to our new site

The owners and pets at Country Canine Boarding Kennel are excited about the new Country Canine website! We’re glad you’re visiting us online, and we look forward to hosting your pet as a guest at our kennel! Take a look around our site, where you’ll…